Breast Cancer Information


      - Gender
      - Age
      - Heredity / Genetic Factors
      - Long Menstrual Cycles
      - Never Having Children
      - Personal History of Ovarian or Breast Cancer
      - Environmental Factors

Warning Signs

    1.   A lump, hard knot or thickening in the breast
    2.  Swelling, redness or increased warmth in the breast
    3.  Change in the size or shape of the breast
    4.  Itchy, sore or scaling area on the nipple / areola
    5.  Nipple discharge (particularly if bloody) that starts suddenly
    6.  Pulling in of the nipple
    7.  Dumpling or puckering of the side of the breast
    8.  Unusual pain in an area of the breast


The best defense against breast cancer starts with you! We recommend these steps for early detection.

Monthly breast self examination (BSE)* starting at age 20.  

Clinical breast examination by a trained medical professional every 2-3 years starting at age 20,
and annually starting at age 40.

Baseline mammogram at age 35, and annual mammogram screening for women starting at age 40 (if your mother or sister has had breast cancer, you may need to get a mammogram earlier and more frequently) .***  

    * BSE should be done just as your menstrual cycle ends or post-menopausal women, the same day each month. Most women discover breast masses during monthly breast self-exams. This simple and easy to follow examination allows a woman to become more familiar with her breast, making the detection of subtle changes or abnormalities easier.

  ** Breast ultrasound is frequently useful in evaluating breast and mammography abnormalities, especially in young women.

  *** Women receiving annual mammography screening are 30% less likely to die from breast cancer compared to unscreened women.

Early Detection is the Best Protection Against Breast Cancer

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